Albula Railway

A rebranding of the Swiss railroad and UNESCO World Heritage site famous for swirling viaducts and elongated tunnels that allow for transportation across the Alps.

Brand Identity, Publication
Advisor: Doug Scott 

Identity System

The brand centers the railroad’s remarkable engineering through playful typography while celebrating the graphic language of historic Swiss railway systems. 


I created a double-sided publication that provides context to passengers on the history of both the Albula Railway and the UNESCO World Heritage program.   

The pamphlet is a portable fold-out with a linear top to bottom structure, mirroring the trip train passengers take from departure to destination. Images are placed sequentially and cropped with a similar aspect ratio to that of a typical train window.



The website home page emphasizes the brand’s colors and creates extensive space for photography with a mosaic grid system.    

Signage and Merchandise

The circular form and clear iconography of the mark translate flexibly to a variety of print and digital contexts, including a site location marker translated into the six official languages of the United Nations.

Los Angeles, Calif.